A deep dive data analysis into one of Starbucks’ products

Photo by Gema Saputera on Unsplash

Everybody loves offers and businesses all over the world know that. Offers such as discounts, bogos and rewards play a huge part in increasing customer loyalty. Starbucks — the world’s largest coffeehouse chain, just like any other business frequently gives offers to its customers in form of discounts, informational ads and BOGOs(Buy One Get One free).

As part of the capstone project for my Udacity Data Scientist Nanodegree program, I decided to take on the challenge of analyzing simulated data from Starbucks that mimics customer behavior for one of its products. The data consists of offer metadata, customer demographics(age, gender…

Out of pocket payments for healthcare in Kenya are a common phenomenon given that only a small percentage (~20 %) of the population have a health insurance plan. This means that for families without an insurance plan, having a family member fall sick abruptly could really devastate the bread winners’ resources. To address this challenge it is essential to look for innovative and workable solutions to enable as many people as possible to access quality healthcare without falling into financial distress.

In 2016 CarePay in collaboration with Safaricom and PharmAccess rolled out in Kenya the M-TIBA platform - a digital…

Mumo Nobert

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